Bringing Photography into Focus

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Bringing Photography into Focus

The products in this store are mainly focusing on digital retouching of photographs – all products are downloadable after purchase. It does not much depend on what kind of equipment is used to make nice photographs as shown on my social media accounts. It is the workflow and its options to choose while post processing the photographs!

This store shares my knowledge about my way of photography – my way of digital art – my way of creating my own photographs.

This is a collection of eBooks that describe my photography workflow. It all starts at the beginning with packing and getting prepared for a photo trip over composition to the whole photo retouching workflow.

My eBooks all come as a PDF – because of the simple fact that I need photos to explain what is meant. The photos and screenshots in the eBooks are simply underlining the theories about how I take photos and what I do to them.

When working with Adobe Lightroom, I kind of always change my style a little bit when trying out new combinations with the sliders. Sometimes these combinations are really working out pretty good on a lot of my photographs and with these, I created a bunch of presets for Adobe Lightroom.

Every bundle has not more than 15 presets with my RAW files so you can understand what settings and situation the photograph was taken at. Plus, every bundle has a short movie about a topic I ran into while post processing my photographs.

For years I have been using Photomatix Pro to create HDR photographs. The software contains a lot of different tools to enhance the photographs. I am talking about adjust saturation, reduce noise or more complex things like balance out bight and dark areas while preserving details of the photograph.

I made some presets to make the photos look realistic / decent and not like when I started photography, overcooked. My presets are developed for all style of photographs and are compatible with the software Windows and Apple of Photomatix Pro latest version.

Sunrises and Sunsets puts everybody into a beeter mood, and I just wanted to bring this mood to whereever this calender will be hung! If you had a rought day, just take a few minutes to look at these photographs and I promise you will feel better!

I took all the photos of this calender at either sunset or sunrise – sine I am anartist and I stuied IT, it is abvious that I am sleeping during sunrise. Meaning, I took more photographs during sunset…