Trip Planning Tips for Photographers – Free


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This eBook about trip planning tips has 15 pages and comes as a PDF. The eBook comes for free and is one out of many eBooks around photography and post processing.


The eBook “Trip Planning Tips for Photographers” you are about to get for free describes what I pay attention to before and during a photography trip – basically a mnemonic list of what to think of and pay attention to. I have been travelling for many years. When I started with photography, I just packed with random order. But after all those years, I realized that there are a few things that really help before and during a trip.

This eBook “Trip Planning Tips for Photographers” gives you everything I have ever experienced that I could have done different on a trip in one easy resource. I also explain what photography gear works the best for different kind of trips. You can grab additional free tips over at my blog at

The more often I traveled, the more I realized what mattered to most for me. So I started putting a list together of what things to pack and what options I have when going on a dedicated photography trip.

I am covering the following aspects about preparing for travel photography:

  • Take the right gear
  • Make sure the gear works
  • Make sure all the gear is up to date
  • Thought of Backup?
  • Travel save!

Travelling and taking photos sounds very simple but… Well, it is free! Add it to the cart, register yourself and read thru it.